Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest! To assist us in selecting the ideal puppy for you, kindly take a moment to fill out our puppy application form. The information you provide is essential in ensuring we find the most suitable homes for our puppies.

Who will own the puppy?


Understanding the commitment a Golden Retriever puppy & dog brings

Your pup is small now but it will grow quickly. Goldens are a large breed dog, they average 55-75 lbs, but
can definitely be larger. Our mamas & papas weigh in around 75 pounds so likely these pups will not be
on the small side.

Goldens need room to roam & 40-60 minutes of exercise/walks daily.

This breed is highly social; your pup will need a lot of attention & socialization. They do not do well being
left home alone for more than 4-5 hours during the first months without being checked on & exercised.
Goldens are very smart; they need stimuli, activities, & toys to enforce healthy habits and reduce
boredom (AKA chewing or destroying things).