We breed awesome AKC Golden Retrievers!

We breed awesome AKC Golden Retrievers!

I am a small breeding operation. My Goldens are raised and treated as pets. They live inside the house and sleep in bed with me! They are loved like family members and receive the best vet care. I am proud to be able to provide healthy, happy puppies to loving families like yours and invite you to come join the Imagination Goldens family!

We have puppies!

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Congratulations to Breezy and Tracer on their new litter of puppies! There are 8 beautiful boys!!! Hooray!!!!!!🥰🥳😍😎🥹

These gorgeous pups will be ready to go home on July 19, 2024! Deposits are now being accepted! 

These Pups are ready to go home on July 19th! Pick yours today!

This may be Breezy and Tracer's finest litter ever! These pups are beautiful, playful and easy-going! Come and see for yourself!


Wonderful experience all-around! Pups are great quality and so beautiful! Breeder is very knowledgeable and is there for you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have, even after bringing your pup home!  Beyond pleased with my experience! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a healthy, wonderful Golden Retriever pup! If you’re looking for your next addition to the family, look no further!

Yudenia Onzo

Amazing breeder! Puppies are beautiful, well taken care of and very much loved. It was a great experience!

Kegan Clift

5 stars for sure.  We got our golden, Polly, as an 8 week old puppy 4 weeks ago. ..after losing our beloved Golden after 15 years of wonderful memories.  Polly is incredible.  
The breeder is awesome!

Dave Dyke
Review - Dave Dyke - Golden Retriever on a walk

Wonderful, quality dogs and an amazing experience with the breeder!! I was very impressed with the care and precautions taken to ensure optimal health and happiness for the puppies. Breeder is a fantastic source of information, before and after taking home your fur baby! Highly recommend. 5/5

Patricia Pagano
Review - Patricia Pagano - Golden Retriever puppy headshot

We have to give the highest of compliments to Monte, he is hands down one of the most hands on, compassionate, caring, truly all around BEST breeder I have ever met. Our family and my brother and his girlfriend just recently got puppies from one of his most recent litters and we couldn't be happier. His dogs are not just breeders they are his family and are treated as so. If I could give 10 stars.. I would but the 5 will have to do. We Highly Recommend Imagination Goldens if your looking for a golden retriever 🥰 this is Ms. Junnie(ours) and Ms. Oakley (my brother's pup)  from Breezy and Tracer's litter.

Sabrina Calello
Review - Sabrina Calello - Golden Retriever puppies laying on a bed

I love this kennel and the superb quality of the Goldens he offers.  I can’t wait for litters in the future!  This is the real deal and all the dogs are high quality, great personality and beautifully colored!  If you’re looking for a great high quality Golden this is where you want to start your search!  Cudos to Imagination Kennels for a job very well done!

Dana Toole
Review - Dana Toole - Golden Retriever puppy laying on the grass

Absolutely great service and one of the best breeders around. Monte’s love to his “kids” very visible. Thank you my friend. We are very happy to welcome Sam to our home and life.

Anatoliy Florida

Enjoying our golden, Doc Brown aka Mr. Light Blue.  I would definitely recommend Imagination Goldens.

Elizabeth Hohn
Review - Elizabeth Hohn - Golden Retriever sitting on the grass looking really happy

We highly recommand Imagination Goldens if you are looking to add a puppy to your life. Monte, is very knowledgeable and passionnate, his puppies are beautiful and healthy. He is full of ressources and ideas to help make the adaptation a success.
We could not be happier with ours!

Sophie Wilbur

We absolutely adore our sweet Maggie that we got from Breezy’s February 2023 litter. I am so grateful that we found Imagination Goldens. Monte is such a caring breeder. Working with him was great, and it is so clear that he truly loves these dogs. If you’re looking for an awesome golden retriever, this is the place to go!

Ashley Willard
Review - Ashley Willard - Golden Retriever Headshot

We got our sweet Sage from Rosie’s litter from 2/13/23 and are absolutely in love. She’s such a smart, HEALTHY, and lovable pup! We also loved the book and goodies sent home with us. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new member of their family getting one from Imagination Goldens.

Kara Anne
Review - Kara Anne - Golden Retriever puppy on a boat

Monte was very informative and easy to work with. He answered all my questions promptly and he gave us some extra merchandise when we picked up our girl. His prices are right in line with what you’d expect for a high quality golden retriever puppy. We absolutely love our Lucy Lu (Miss Red from Rosie’s 2023 litter). You can follow her on instagram @Lucyinthesky3512

Eileen Coyle
Review - Eileen Coyle - Golden Retriever puppy laying on dog bed

From start to finish, this transaction has been seamless and joyful.  Monte and Kathie work hard at keeping their pups healthy,prompt direct communication, and just honestly good people. Poppy is from Breezy & Tracer. She is perfect loving.crate training and doing exceptionally well for 8-9 week puppy I am so happy  our whole family is gushing ! Thank you for making our first breeder experience so easy and fabulous.

Laurel Jordan

awesome puppies. Great humane treatment...Much love and care for pups

Javier Felipe Varela

An amazing overall experience. Monte is the best, so caring, genuine. Everything he does for the puppies sets them up to flourish in their new home. We love our Sunny! ❤️

Alex Roth

We are absolutely smitten with our new addition, Isla Rae, also known as Sophie's Ms Silver. She is a healthy girl with a disposition as sweet as honey and a dash of sass that makes her even more lovable. Monte was a great help, answering all our questions promptly and thoroughly, both before and after we brought Isla Rae home. It's clear that he truly cares for his pups and wants the best for them.

Tanya Heuss Chittenden
Golden Retriever puppy

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Are you thinking about bringing a puppy into your life? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our adoption procedure. We are dedicated to assisting you in navigating the process, ensuring a smooth journey in adding a new four-legged companion to your family.